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ECI Lighting | Lineout LED Batten
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Lineout LED Batten

Prelux Lineout LED Batten
CE, UKCA Approved

50,000 Hour Lifetime

5 Year Warranty

Emergency Models Available

3 Hours @ 3W 270Lm

4ft / 5ft / 6ft Single or Twin

Highly Efficient

Instant Full Light

Up to 135Lm/W

Lineout CCT IP20 LED Batten

The Prelux Colour Temperature Selectable Lineout is a highly efficient LED batten which produces up to 150lm/W depending on the model.
The Lineout CCT comes with a push fit terminal block for fast and hassle free installation as well as a gear tray retaining strap to allow for easy maintenance.


The luminous efficacy and 5 year warranty of the Lineout CCT makes it an ideal fitting for public buildings such as libraries, schools and hospitals as well as private commercial offices and retail stores.


The Lineout CCT is also available in 4ft and 5ft Emergency models with a 4 year LiFePO4 battery warranty.
Lineout 4ft Dimensions
Lineout 5ft Dimensions
Lineout 6ft Dimensions
Lineout Gear Tray Retaining Strap

Push Fit Terminal Block

for Fast Hassle-Free Installation

Lineout Gear Tray Retaining Strap

Gear Tray Retaining Strap

for Easy Maintenance

  • Lineout V4 Multi Watt Plug & Play Models

    • PXLINE552V4 5ft Multi Watt 7800Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXLINE660V4 6ft Multi Watt 9000Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • Plug & Play Emergency Kit > Download Data Sheet
    • Plug & Play Microwave Kit > Download Data Sheet
    • Plug & Play Corridor Kit > Download Data Sheet

  • Lineout CCT LED Standard Models

    • PXLINE423CCT 4ft 23W 2875Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXLINE438CCT 4ft 38W 5130Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXLINE530CCT 5ft 30W 4050Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXLINE550CCT 5ft 50W 6750Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXLINE660CCT 6ft 60W 8100Lm > Download Data Sheet

  • Lineout CCT LED Emergency Models

    • PXLINE530CCTEM 5ft 30W 4050Lm > Download Data Sheet
    • PXLINE550CCTEM 5ft 50W 6750Lm > Download Data Sheet