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ECI Lighting | TLS Tension LED System
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TLS Tension LED System

TLS Tension LED System Catalogue from ECI Lighting

Download the TLS Product Catalogue

The TLS Tension LED System is an exceptionally flexible and adaptable template for creating curtains of light that can cover any size or shape. The patented and UL certified TLS system provides a uniform surface of light that can be tailored to fit any shape no matter the obstacles.
The system enables you to place LED strips in a curtain format which is held in place by the 1/16-inch stainless steel cable that not only connects to conductive tensioners but also carries the electrical current.
TLS can be perfectly tensioned to fit any surface, with no sagging, hotspots or additional wiring required, making it an ideal solution for architects and designers to create a striking bespoke curtain of light for any project.
With the ability to add graphics to the system it also has endless applications in the areas of marketing and advertising, not only because of its flexibility and adaptability to any shape but also the superior uniformity of light and easily collapsible format.
The TLS Outdoor System also has the added benefit of a special IP65 UV coating on all strips, connections and parts

Call ECI Lighting at 00353 1 860 1860 or email: info@ecilighting.ie for more info on the TLS LED System

Multi-Award Winning Tension LED System

TLS Tension LED System - Fully Customisable


The TLS system can be customised to your desired size or shape, with only a few tools and no specialist expertise required for assembly.

Tension LED System Uniform Light


Unlike other systems on the market TLS provides a uniform and even light output with no hotspots & up to 60% less energy consumption.

TLS Single or Double Sided Light


The LED boards can provide either double or single sided light output, making the TLS system even more flexible in terms of applications.

TLS Tension System for LED Lighting


The patented system provides up to 500lbs of tension, resulting in no sagging and providing a more uniform and even light distribution.

Lighting Tension System for LED Lighting


The TLS is exceptionally lightweight at just 70 grams per square foot, and therefore requires no special reinforcements for installation.

Tension LED Retrofitting System


The TLS  system can be retrofitted to suit an existing space and is highly customisable to suit any type of curved surface or display size.

Watch this Short Video

This short video briefly outlines what makes the TLS Tension LED System so special compared to alternatives available on the market, from its superior light quality and massive energy savings to its adaptability and retrofitting capability.


TLS is an ingenious multi-award winning product for architects, designers, advertising and marketing professionals.


Watch the video to learn more.

Introducing Carra

Meet Carra, ECI Lighting’s partner TLS has just launched their first ever collection of LumiCloud!


Coming in 6 standard sizes, it offers 3 frame color options and 4 mounting methods. In addition, you can select any 4 Lighting Engines to obtain the lighting effect your project requires!


If you need any further information on this fantastic new product feel free to contact us at info@ecilighting.ie.


Watch the video to learn more.

Brighter and More Even Light Output with Up to 60% Less Energy Consumption

A Perfect Solution for Displaying a Product Under Optimum Lighting Conditions

Can be Tailored to Suit the Required Space

Continuous Curtains of Light Provide a Stunning Feature in Architectural Spaces

Highly Customisable to Any Shape or Size

Provides a Uniform Light Output with No Dark Spots

Makes a Spectacular Lighting Feature in any Retail Space

Capable of Transforming an Entire Wall into a Striking Feature

Capable of Fitting a Curved Shape such as a Column

Call 00353 1860 1860 or Email: info@ecilighting.ie to learn more about the TLS Tension LED System